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A Big Temptation
written by "Meade, L. T., 1854-1914"
... round its waist. Mollie was nearly in tears as she stared at it, and Geoffrey's cheeks were very red. It had come in a most promising cardboard box, wrapped up in the cleanest of tissue-paper; and when Mollie opened the parcel she had felt sure that the doll would have pink cheeks, blue eyes, and lovely golden hair—and then to find such a thing! "It is too bad of Uncle Percy," said Mollie; "it is almost unkind." "I think it is more 'curous' than pretty," said Geoffrey solemnly; "I should call it 'Kurus.'" He had been trying for several minutes to think of something to say to comfort Mollie. "But I wanted to call it Evelina," said Molly; "I can't call that thing Evelina. Why, I can't even show it to Bessie."[Pg 43] Geoffrey began to dig the hole. [Pg 44] Now, Bessie was the little girl next door, Mollie's own well-beloved playmate. "I don't think I should show it to anyone," said Geoffrey, and then he began to think. Mollie was thinking too. "Mary Selina Trewin," said Geoffrey solemnly. Mollie jumped. When her Mother called her Mary Selina she knew something serious was coming. "Mary Selina Trewin," said Geoffrey, "who has seen that doll?—Nobody. Who saw the postman bring it?—Nobody. Who knows it is here?—Nobody." "What are you talking about?" said Mollie, much puzzled. "Mary Selina Trewin," said Geoffrey, "who shall see it? Who shall know it is here?—Why, nobody. We will get rid of that doll; we will hide it." And then he whispered mysteriously: "We will bury it this very minute. Come along." And Mollie went, just pushing the doll into the box with all the papers, and hiding it under her pinafore. They reached the garden without being seen, and Geoffrey began to dig the hole. "It must be deep as deep as deep," said Mollie. "Deeper than that," said Geoffrey. But it is not easy to dig with a stick, and the hole was anything but deep when Nurse's voice was hea...

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