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Eveline Mandeville
Or, The Horse Thief Rival

written by "Addison, Alvin" is too much reality in what you say. I fear we shall have to take the law into our own hands, for these depredators are becoming so numerous and bold, there is no telling to what length their wickedness may run. These thieving operations must be stopped, cost what it may; but it seems to me this is a bad place to commence the work; it looks too much like secret murder. When I have recourse to the last resort in defense of my property it will be upon my own promises, and while the villains are in the act of crime." "That is doubtless the best method in all ordinary cases; but the rascal whom we were expecting to pass this way to-night is too cunning to be caught at his work. He is well known to be guilty, and has more than once been arrested and tried; but always with the same result; his friends have sworn him clear; and now, we've sworn he shall go free no longer." "Well, be careful, and don't kill the wrong man." "We'll take care. Excuse the manner in which our introduction was made." "Certainly, gentlemen, certainly; but don't miss your man again." "We'll not." "Good night." "Good night, and a pleasant journey for you." The man rode on and was soon out of hearing. He was the more easily deceived as to the character of his assailants, because he knew that the sentiments they expressed were held almost universally by the honest portion of the community, and already several thieves had been shot at, some of whom were known to have been wounded, though not fatally. The miscreants knew this state of public feeling, and hence their ruse. When the man was beyond hearing, Bill said, exultingly: "Didn't I wool the fellow's eyes beautifully?" "It was well done, Bill, well done—the best job you ever bossed. But say, do you know the man?" "No, not from the devil." "Well, sir, it's 'Squire Williams, sure's I'm a living son of my mother!" "'Squire Williams?" "Yes, it is. I've known him ever since I had such...

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