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Sketch of Dunbarton, New Hampshire
written by "Mills, Ella"
... his visits to his betrothed at the home of her grandparents. Among the residents of the town who attained the age of 90 years or more were Mrs. Mary Story, 98 years, 4 months, 12 [19] days; Mrs. Ann C., widow of Deacon John Wilson, 98 years; Deacon John Church, 97 years; Mrs. Abigail (Burnham) Ireland, 94 years; There were several others whose ages I do not know. Mr. and Mrs. Guild, near the Bow line, I think were over 90 years. Many have passed the age of 80 years. Deacon Samuel Burnham is now 88 years; he and his wife lived together more than 63 years. Mr. and Mrs. James Stone lived together more than 65 years. Mrs. Stone survived her husband only a few weeks. Colonel Samuel B. Hammond and wife celebrated their golden wedding in 1892. Stark Grange is the only secret society in town, though some individuals belong to societies in adjoining towns. The membership of Stark Grange is about ninety. The patriotism of the town has always been unquestioned. Dunbarton has sent her sons to battle for the right in every war. Seventeen men took part in the French and Indian War, including Major Robert Rogers, and other men by the names of Rogers, Stark, McCurdy, and others. In the Revolutionary Army were fifty-seven from Dunbarton, including the brothers John and Thomas Mills, William Beard, and others. Caleb Stark, afterwards a resident, though very young, was with his father at Bunker Hill. Henry L. Burnham used to tell a story of a cave on the farm which was his home for many years (now owned by John Haynes) which once sheltered a deserter from the Revolutionary Army. The man afterwards went to the northern part of the State, and at the very hour of his death, during a heavy thunder shower, the entrance to the cave was closed so completely that the most diligent search has failed to discover any trace of it. In the war of 1812, eleven enlisted, and twelve were...

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