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The Miser
written by "Molière, 1622-1673"
... made. It is for you to consider the matter before you act. Cle. How can I consider? I want the money, and I must therefore accept everything. La Fl. That is exactly what I answered. Cle. Is there anything else? La Fl. Only a small item. "Of the fifteen thousand francs which are demanded, the lender will only be able to count down twelve thousand in hard cash; instead of the remaining three thousand, the borrower will have to take the chattels, clothing, and jewels, contained in the following catalogue, and which the said lender has put in all good faith at the lowest possible figure." Cle. What is the meaning of all that? La Fl. I'll go through the catalogue:— "Firstly:—A fourpost bedstead, with hangings of Hungary lace very elegantly trimmed with olive-coloured cloth, and six chairs and a counterpane to match; the whole in very good condition, and lined with soft red and blue shot-silk. Item:—the tester of good pale pink Aumale serge, with the small and the large fringes of silk." Cle. What does he want me to do with all this? La Fl. Wait. "Item:—Tapestry hangings representing the loves of Gombaud and Macée.1 Item:—A large walnut table with twelve columns or turned legs, which draws out at both ends, and is provided beneath with six stools." Cle. Hang it all! What am I to do with all this? La Fl. Have patience. "Item:—Three large matchlocks inlaid with mother-of-pearl, with rests to correspond. Item:—A brick furnace with two retorts and three receivers, very useful to those who have any taste for distilling." Cle. You will drive me crazy. La Fl. Gently! "Item:—A Bologna lute with all its strings, or nearly all. Item:—A pigeon-hole table and a draught-board, and a game of mother goose, restored from the Greeks, most useful to pass the time when one has nothing to do. Item:—A lizard's skin, three feet and a half in length,...

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