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The Beginner's American History
written by "Montgomery, D. H. (David Henry), 1837-1928"
...nbsp; writes Declaration of Independence, 186.     elected President, 187.     what he said about New Orleans and Louisiana, 187.     buys Louisiana, 188.     his death, 189.     inscription on his tombstone, 189.     summary of, 190. "Jonathan, Brother," 241.     origin of name (note), 241. Jury trial, first in America, 39. Jury (note), 39. Kaskaskia (Kas-kas'ki-a) Fort, 161-163. King Philip, son of Massasoit, 87.     becomes chief, 88.     how he dressed and lived, 88.     his hatred of the whites, 88.     determines to make war 89.     Indians attack Swansea, 90.     attack other towns, 90.     burn Brookfield, 90.     attack Hadley 91.     bravery shown by a woman 92.     the great swamp fight, 93.     Canonchet taken, 93.     Philip's wife and son taken, 94.     wife and son sold into slavery, 94.     Philip shot, 94.     destruction caused by the war, 94.     cost of the war, 94.     Indian power broken, 94.     summary of, 95. Lafayette (Lah-fay-et'), helps us in the Revolution, 141.     pursues Cornwallis, 141.     at the tomb of Washington, 144. Land acquired by the United States, see Territory and United States. Lee, General, in the Civil War, 260. Legislature (note), 257. Lexington, battle of, 134. Leyden (Li'den), Holland, 62. Leyden jar, 118, 119. Liberty, religious, in Maryland, 78-80.     religious, in Rhode Island, 85.  ...

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