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Wondrous Love
and other Gospel addresses

written by "Moody, Dwight Lyman, 1837-1899"
...d. True, He had been crowned a little while before, but only with thorns, and yet amidst it all this poor thief was convicted after fear fell upon him. THE POWER OF LOVE. What convicted him? I will tell what I think convicted him, though I could not teach it dogmatically but I think it was the Saviour’s prayer. When the Lord Jesus cried out from the very depths of His soul, “Father, forgive them,” conviction flashed into his heart. He must have said, “Why, this is more than a man; He has got a very different spirit from me. I could not ask God to forgive them. I would call down fire from heaven to consume them, and I would call upon God to smite them with blindness as Elijah did, and I would sweep them from this mountain if I had the power.” That’s what he must have thought as he heard the piercing cry go up, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Ah, it was love that broke his heart. In those days, when they crucified a man, they used to scourge him. This poor man had been taken into the court, and tried and condemned by the judge; but that had not broken his heart. He had been led forth and scourged; but that had not broken his heart. And now they had nailed him to the cross; but even that had not broken his heart. There he is reviling his God. But when he saw that loving Saviour, he got a glimpse of His love, and that one glimpse broke his heart. I heard of a young man once who was very hardhearted. His father loved him as he loved his own life. He had tried everything he could to win that prodigal boy back. When his father was dying, they sent for him; but he refused to come. But after his father’s death, he returned home to attend the funeral; but not a tear fell from his eyes. He followed that father to his resting-place, and never dropped a tear over his grave. But when they got home, and the will was read, they found that father had not forgotten his prodigal boy, but had remembered him kin...

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