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The Orbis Pictus
written by "Bardeen, C. W. (Charles William), 1847-1924"
...I. Judaism. Judaismus. Yet the true Worship of the true God, remained with the Patriarchs, who lived before and after the Flood. Verus tamem Cultus veri Dei, remansit apud Patriarchas, qui vixerunt ante & post Diluvium. Amongst these, that Seed of the Woman, the Messias of the World, was promised to Abraham, 1. the Founder of the Jews, the Father of them that believe: and he (being called away from the Gentiles) with his Posterity, being marked with the Sacrament of Circumcision, 2. made a peculiar people, and Church of God. Inter hos, Semen illud Mulieris, Messias Mundi, promissus est Abrahamo. 1. Conditori Judæorum, Patri credentium: & ipse (avocatus a Gentilibus) cum Posteris, notatus Sacramento Circumcisionis, 2. constitutus singularis populus, & Ecclesia Dei. Afterwards God gave his Law, written with his own Finger in Tables of Stone, 5. to this people 187 by Moses, 3. in Mount Sinai, 4. Postea Deus exhibuit Legem suam, scriptam Digito suo in Tabulis Lapideis, 5. huic Populo per Mosen, 3. in Monte Sinai, 4. Furthermore, he ordained the eating the Paschal Lamb, 6. and Sacrifices to be offered upon an Altar, 7. by Priests, 8. and Incense, 9. and commanded a Tabernacle, 10. with the Ark of the Covenant, 11. to be made: and besides, a brazen Serpent, 12. to be set up against the biting of Serpents in the Wilderness. Porrò ordinavit manducationem Agni Paschalis, 6. & Sacrificia offerenda in Altari, 7. per Sacerdotes, 8. & Suffitus, 9. & jussit Tabernaculum, 10. cum Arca Fœderis, 11. fieri: præterea, æneum Serpentem, 12. erigi contra morsum Serpentum in Deserto. All which things were Types of the Messias to come, whom the Jews yet look for. Quæ omnia Typi erant Messiæ venturi, quem Judæi adhuc expectant. CXLVII. Christianity. Christianismus. The only begotten eternal Son o...

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