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Historic Tales, Vol. XIII (of 15), Part I
The Romance of Reality. King Arthur

written by "Morris, Charles, 1833-1922"
...any strange signs and movements flung it into the fountain. This done, he wailed bitterly and wrung his hands, but at the end he ran to his middle in the water and sought again for his sword. Tristram, seeing this, ran upon him and clasped him in his arms, fearing he would kill himself. "Who are you that holds me so tightly?" said Palamides. "I am a man of this forest, and mean you no harm, but would save you from injury." "Alas!" said the knight, "I shall never win honor where Sir Tristram is. Where he is not, only Lancelot or Lamorak can win from me the prize. More than once he has put me to the worse." "What would you do if you had him?" "I would fight him and ease my heart. And yet, sooth to say, he is a gentle and noble knight." "Will you go with me to my lodging?" "No; I will go to the king with the hundred knights. He rescued me from Bors and Hector, or they had slain me treacherously." But by kind words Tristram got him to his pavilion, where he did what he could to cheer him. But Palamides could not sleep for anguish of soul, and rose before dawn and secretly left the tent, making his way to the pavilions of Gaheris and Sagramour le Desirous, who had been his companions in the tournament. Not far had the next day's sun risen in the eastern sky, when King Arthur bade the heralds blow the call to the lists, and with warlike haste the knights came crowding in to the last day of the well-fought tournament. [Pg 331]Fiercely began the fray, King Carados and his ally, the king of Ireland, being smitten from their horses early in the day. Then came in Palamides full of fury, and made sad work among his foes, being known to all by his indented shield. But this day King Arthur, as he had promised, rode in shining armor into the field, and fought so valorously that the king of Northgalis and his party had much the worse of the combat. While the fight thus went on in all its fury, Tristram rode in, stil...

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