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With the World's Great Travellers, Volume 3
written by "Morris, Charles, 1833-1922"
...fishermen that when the water is clear they can see round towers and high steeples and churches of the land below, would waken any one’s interest. Wonderful petrifactions are found along its margins, referable to some remote geological era, and no doubt these fossil woods gave rise to the fishermen’s superstition. On the borders of the lake you see the ruins of the seat of Lord O’Neill, “Shane’s Castle,” which is surrounded by as much superstition as the lake. The banshee of the O’Neills was a firm article of faith of mine host in Antrim, who told me that his father had heard its wail. As I came back to the town I saw a characteristic scene which reminded me of Father Prout’s remark, that “the [Pg 177]pig is as essential an inmate of the Irish cabin as the Arab steed of the shepherd’s tent on the plains of Mesopotamia.” At the door of a thatched mud hut there was a fierce tooth-and-nail contest between two pigs. Out sallied the good woman of the house and belabored the nearest one gently with stick, roughly with tongue: “Whist wid ye! Take that, now! Come into the house wid ye!” With well-trained docility Piggy obeyed. A short distance away I saw a crowd gathered about a cart covered with a pure white sheet. The look of delight upon the faces of those who had peeped under the cover tempted my curiosity, and I lifted the linen. It was a young pig, as white as snow and as fresh as a daisy. But I intended only to take a peep at the northern coast of Ireland, and here I am en route to Belfast. As you go farther you fare better in the way of fine scenery and interesting people. There is something about the greenness of Ireland which sanctifies its claim to be called the Emerald Isle. I have seen nothing anywhere else to rival the soft luxuriance of nature here. Grass, ivy, and flowers seem as indigenous as hospitable hearts. I was told that if you flung a clean-cu...

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