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Before and after Waterloo
Letters from Edward Stanley, sometime Bishop of Norwich (1802; 1814; 1816)

written by "Adeane, Jane H. (Jane Henrietta), 1842-1926" Clinton, General, 1769-1854; married Louisa, second daughter of Lord Sheffield. [20] On April 10th Lord Wellington fought the Battle of Toulouse against Soult. [21] Madame Moreau, widow of General Moreau, daughter of General Hulot, and a friend of the Empress Josphine. Since the death of the General, who was killed at the battle of Dresden, in 1813, the Emperor Alexander had given Mme. Moreau a pension of 100,000 francs a year in recognition of her husband's services; and in 1814 Louis XVIII. gave her the rank of "Marchale de France." [22] Catherine Fanshawe, poetess, and friend of most of the literary people in London of her day. [23] Mrs. Marcet, b. 1785, a native of Geneva (ne Halduriand). Well known for her economic and scientific works. [24] Madame de Stal, daughter of Louis XVI.'s Minister Necker, b. 1766, d. 1817. Married 1786 to the Baron de Stal, Swedish Minister to France. She had been exiled from France by Napoleon on account of her books, "Corinne" and "L'Allemagne." [25] Sir Humphry Davy, 1778-1829; began life as a Cornish miner. He became a distinguished chemist and scientist. [26] Daughter of C. Kerr, Esq., of Kelso, and widow of S. Apreece, Esq., married Sir Humphry Davy, 1812. [27] Second Earl of Clancarty, 1767-1837. Ambassador to the Netherlands [28] The Emperor Alexander I. of Russia, 1777-1825. [29] Lucien, second brother of the Emperor Napoleon, 1775-1840. [30] Catherine, Grand Duchess of Russia, sister of the Emperor Alexander I., won golden opinions in England. "She was very clever, graceful, and elegant, with most pleasing manners, and spoke English well." Creevey says that the Emperor was much indebted to his sister, the Duchess of Oldenburg, for "keeping him in the course by her judicious interposition and observations." In 1808 Napoleon had wished for her as his bride, but, as she says in a letter to her brother, the Czar, "her heart would break as the intended wife of Napole...

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