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The Battle of Bunkers-Hill
written by "Moses, Montrose Jonas, 1878-1934" spoke in thunder, to the Gallic shores? That spirit is evaporate, that fire; Which erst distinguish'd them, that flame; And gen'rous energy of soul, which fill'd Their Henrys, Edwards, thunder-bolts of war; Their Hampdens, Marlboroughs, and the immortal Wolfe, On the Abraham heights, victorious. Britannia's genius, is unfortunate, And flags, say they, when Royal tyranny Directs her arms. This let us then disprove, In combat speedily, and take from them, The wantonness of this fell pride, and boasting. Gage. Tho' much I dread the issue of the attempt, So full of hazard, and advent'rous spirit; Yet since your judgment, and high skill in arms, From full experience, boldly prompts you on, I give my voice, and when one day hath pass'd, In whose swift hours, may be wrought, highly up, The resolution, of the soldiery, With soothing words, and ample promises, Of rich rewards, in lands and settlements, From the confiscate property throughout, These rebel colonies, at length subdu'd; Then march we forth, beat up their drowsy camp, And with the sun, to this safe capital, Return, rich, with the triumphs of the war. And be our plan, that which brave Haldiman,[Pg 253] Ere yet recall'd, advis'd to us. Let first, Brave Howe, and Clinton, on that western point, Land with the transports, and mean time Burgoyne, With the artillery, pour sharp cannonade, Along the neck, and sweep, the beachy plain, Which lies to Roxborough, where yon western stream, Flowing from Cambridge, mixes with the Bay. Thus, these Americans, shall learn to dread, The force of discipline, and skill in arms. ACT III. Scene I. Bunkers-Hill. Enter Gardiner, with seven hundred men. Gardiner. This is the hill, brave countrymen, whose brow We mean to fortify. A strong redoubt, With saliant angles, and embrasures deep, Be speedily thrown up. Let each himself, Not undeserving, of our choice approve, For out of thousands, I have challeng'd you, To t...

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