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The Savages of America

written by "Moses, Montrose Jonas, 1878-1934" to us? Does not the ravenous Tyger feed her Young? And the fierce Panther fawn upon his Mate? Do not the Wolves defend and help their Fellows, The poisonous Serpent feed her hissing Brood, And open wide her Mouth for their Protection? So this good King shows Kindness to his own, And favours them, to make a Prey of others; But at his Hands we may expect no Favour, Look back, my Friends, to our Forefathers' Time, Where is their Country? where their pleasant Haunts? The running Streams and shady Forests where? They chas'd the flying Game, and liv'd in Plenty. Lo, these proud Strangers now possess the Whole;[Pg 167] Their Cities, Towns, and Villages arise, Forests are spoil'd, the Haunts of Game destroy'd, And all the Sea Coasts made one general Waste; Between the Rivers Torrent-like they sweep, And drive our Tribes toward the setting Sun. They who once liv'd on yon delightful Plains Are now no more, their very Name is lost. The Sons of potent Kings, subdu'd and murder'd, Are Vagrants, and unknown among their Neighbours. Where will the Ravage stop? the Ruin where? Does not the Torrent rush with growing Speed, And hurry us to the same wretched End? Let us grow wise then by our Fathers' Folly, Unite our Strength, too long it's been divided, And mutual Fears and Jealousies obtain'd: This has encourag'd our encroaching Foes, But we'll convince them, once, we dare oppose them. The Wolf. Yet we have Strength by which we may oppose, But every Day this Strength declines and fails. Our great Forefathers, ere these Strangers came, Liv'd by the Chace, with Nature's Gifts content, The cooling Fountain quench'd their raging Thirst. Doctors, and Drugs, and Med'cines were unknown, Even Age itself was free from Pain and Sickness. Swift as the Wind, o'er Rocks and Hills they chas'd The flying Game, the bounding Stag outwinded, And tir'd the savage Bear, and tam'd the Tyger; At Evening feasted on the past Day's Toil, Nor then fatigu'd; th...

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