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The Chickens of Fowl Farm
written by "Barksdale, Lena E."
... it was not safe. So we started out, and after awhile reached Fowl Farm. And we have, as you see, been here ever since." SIR DIXIE TO THE RESCUE. [34] CHAPTER THIRTEENTH. WEDDINGS, SONGS, A PICNIC. Lady Gray had a great many visitors that Winter. One, Mr. Long Neck Cock, who she had known for years, was spending the Winter with her. Cock and Speckle got to be great friends. The Winter was almost over, but March winds did not, as expected, blow Cock away. In April, Julia married Red Nose Mike, who died in a week after the wedding. April was gone, and the first day of the lovely month of May came. Cock still remained at the Castle. On the fifth of May cards were sent out to all their friends announcing the marriage of Miss Speckle and Mr. L. N. Cock. The wedding took place on the fifteenth. Lady Gray made them the present of a house very near the Castle. In honor of the occasion Julia and Glover got up a picnic. Every one went. They had a very [35] good time. As the day was drawing to a close and every one had assembled to go home Long Nose Bill commenced singing this song in honor of Julia and Glover:— "Miss Julie was a chicken of the old blue hen: The way she 'fit' it was a sin. She boxed my ears and sot 'em a ringing, She never said a word, but she went along a singing. O, Miss Julie Glover, my true lover, Stuck in the mud and can't turn over. O, Miss Julie G-l-o-v-e-r!" Eight years have now passed. All is as usual at Fowl Farm. Lady Gray is dead. But Lady Fluffie almost equals her in everything. Dear old Henny Penny is just the same Henny Penny we left some years ago. She, of course, is much older. Speckle and her rooster, as Lady Fluff says, have a large and constantly increasing family, which now numbers fifteen. But in spite of all these changes we can say with Mrs. Bluehen, Fowl Farm is just the same old Fowl Farm and never can be anything else. &nbs...

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