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Young Glory and the Spanish Cruiser
A Brave Fight Against Odds

written by "Mott, Walter Fenton"
...n Daly was not far off, and Dan's quaint remarks could be heard above everybody's voice. The Spanish officers kept somewhat in the background, urging their men to the attack, by every means in their power. "Arrah! it's hidin' ye are!" shouted Dan. "It's here ye ought to be. It's yer foine gold lace I'd be afther seein'!" But even this invitation did not tempt the officers of the cruiser to come to closer quarters. One by one the men dropped. The enemy's loss was far the greater, but they were able to sustain it better than the Americans. Mr. Tyler saw this, and wished to end matters. "Follow me!" he cried, bravely, turning to his men and waving his sword. With a cheer, led by Young Glory, the blue jackets sprang forward and dashed at the Spaniards. The latter, appalled by the fury of the attack gave way. But it was only for an instant. The Spanish officers struck their men with the flat of their swords, compelling them to stand their ground. More than one Spanish sailor was pistoled as an example to the others. Like desperate men they rallied. On they came, bearing back the Americans by force of numbers. To the ground fell Mr. Tyler. A dozen Spaniards rushed at him. "Take him prisoner!" cried Captain Moret. Young Glory and Dan Daly flew to the rescue. By the time they had reached their leader he was on his feet again with his face to the foe. "Unhurt!" he cried, with a smile; "slipped, that was all!" "An' that spalpeen slipped, too!" laughed Dan, as he cut a Spaniard down with a furious blow from his cutlass. Two men rushed at Dan to avenge their fallen comrade. Just at this instant, as Young Glory was going to Dan's assistance, his sword slipped from his grasp falling to the deck, some distance away. If Dan was to be saved no time must be lost. Young Glory saw this, and not an instant did he hesitate. He flew at the nearest Spaniard, without a weapon, and seizing the man by the neck, Young Gl...

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