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Songs of Twilight

written by "Mukerji, Dhan Gopal, 1890-1936"
...oftness of its sounds, Like the coursing of a million hounds Of dream over the glade of sleep Where tortured silences creep. Exquisite, pain-laden, peaceful, This night most beautiful, What love forsaken by loving Sets his heart a'singing? No torment in it, but tenderness; A liquid star-music of sadness Pours into my soul half asleep; While the willows at my window weep. [51] 44 GHOSTS Flames flickered in the fireplace, As memories on the hearth of life; Two shadows we, watching, brooding, To catch our reflection In a non-existent stream. The ghost-witness of it all, The clock brings its proofs; Moments melt into moments, Like notes of sad music, Like a white cerement. Cold memories shroud our life; Speech flees before this; Faces turn away from each other; The fire throws light on them; There, too, flames burn and flicker. [52] 45 RAIN What world-agony distils its poignancy this day? What pain-laden heart pours out its exhaustless lay Of tormenting woe and tortured silences? From the far reaches of the marshland Along and beyond the crescent-bed of the sea-sand What tempest on the wave's-strings makes its cadences? The distant hills dimmed like dull and forgotten dreams Raise their shadowy heads where pour in streams The tears of the heart-hollowed mourners of the skies; While into the turgid heart of the fens at their feet Turbidly fall and dance sheet upon sheet To the measureless measure of the wind's empty sighs. No light but a dismal gray, that neither throbs nor quivers On the torn banks of the heavens' cloud-rivers, But stonily stands still, like death that dies never. [53] Not-dead, but a weeping world bathing its corpses— Its memories, its lost hopes, in regret's hearses To be buried in flowerless graves, without incense or prayer. It writhes in agony, rolls out in undulating rills, This rain-melody from the sea-waves to the farthest hills, Thenc...

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