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Black, White and Gray
A Story of Three Homes

written by "Barnes, Robert, 1840-1895"
...grief from being seen. It might be hard, but it must be done, because, as Dan had said, Dennis and Maisie had been so good to them. “I’ll shut my teeth tight,” determined Becky, “and they shan’t ever know I want to cry. Then, after they’re gone, I can cry as much as I like.” With a sigh she proceeded to get the kitten ready for the visit, by brushing its coat carefully and smoothing it down with a duster. It had not very thick fur, but it was glossy and well-kept, and it was so used to kind treatment that it bore itself with confidence, like a cat with a good home. If there were nothing striking or handsome in its appearance, there was at least nothing slinking or miserable about it, and to Becky, who looked at it with the eyes of affection, it had every attraction a cat could possess. “And now you’re as ready as you can be,” she said wistfully; “a collar or a bit o’ ribbon would finish yer off, but I ain’t got ne’er a one. Miss Maisie she’ll have lots o’ ribbons, and nicer things a deal for you to eat than I can give you, but she can’t love you better. Maybe you’d be happier, but oh Kitty, Kitty, I hope you ain’t her cat. I want to keep you, I do.” There was a knock at the door. “Come in,” said Becky in a trembling voice, and both she and the kitten turned their eyes towards it in a frightened manner as it opened. Philippa appeared first, stepping daintily forward with a swing of her elegant skirts, and for a moment Becky thought she was alone. But no, there was another little girl behind her, with rosy cheeks and very bright brown eyes. She came in shyly, and yet she looked very eager, and her gaze was fastened immediately on the kitten in Becky’s arms. “It’s Miss Maisie,” thought Becky, her grasp unconsciously tightening on its back. “This,” said Philippa, waving her hand grandly, “is m...

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