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The Copper Princess
A Story of Lake Superior Mines

written by "Munroe, Kirk, 1850-1930"
...88 First News of the Copper Princess196 A Night with a Madman 205 Left in Sole Possession213 A Royal Name for a Royal Mine 221 Peveril Acquires an Unshared Interest230 [Pg vi] ILLUSTRATIONS on the face of the cliff stood a girlish figureFrontispiece "in breathless silence the group watched peveril's movements" Facing p. 12 peveril goes to work"       36 the car-pushers made a furious attack on peveril"       46 peveril leaped down among the sputtering fuses"       66 the men hastily threw peveril head-first into the bushes"     106 peveril sat beside the fire in forlorn meditation"     130 at seeing peveril, the men uttered a cry of terror"     152 a wild-looking man levelled a pistol at peveril"     174 the two men stood and listened"     194 rescued from the shaft"     200 peveril finds mary again"     234 [Pg 1] THE COPPER PRINCESS CHAPTER I STARTLING INTRODUCTION OF TOM TREFETHEN "Look out, there!" "My God, he is under the wheels!" The narrow-gauge train for Red Jacket had just started from the Hancock station, and was gathering quick headway for its first steep grade, when a youth ran from the waiting-room and attempted to leap aboard the "smoker." Missing the step, he fell between two cars, though still clutching a hand-rail of the one he had attempted to board. With cries of horror, several of those who witnessed the incident from the station platform averted their faces, unwilling to view the ghastly tragedy that they believed must occur in another instant. At sound of their cries, a neatly dressed young fellow, broad-shouldered and of splendid physique, who was in the act of mounting the car-steps, turne...

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