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Fifty Salads
written by "Murrey, Thomas J. (Thomas Jefferson)"
...p two hard-boiled eggs, add to the fish, and serve with a plain dressing. Some do not approve of the washing process, but one of the principal reasons why Americans dislike oil is the fact that they first tasted it on sardines with which a poor fish-oil is generally used, and the reason that the trade in sardines has fallen off, is owing to the poor oil used in the canning of these otherwise dainty fish. Scollop Salad.—Soak twenty-five scollops in salt water for half an hour; rinse them in cold water and boil twenty minutes; drain. Cut them into thin slices; mix with an equal quantity of sliced celery; cover with mayonnaise, garnish, and serve.[31] Tomato Salad.—A perfect tomato salad is prepared as follows: Take three fine ripe August tomatoes and scald them a moment; skin, and set on ice to cool; slice; put them into a salad-bowl; add a teaspoonful of chopped tarragon and a plain salad dressing. Sliced tomatoes with mayonnaise are not to be despised. E. C.'s Salad Dressing. Pour one pint of boiling water into a farina boiler; add six tablespoonfuls of vinegar; place on the stove. Beat six eggs lightly. Mix, with a little cold water, two tablespoonfuls of mustard, two teaspoonfuls of salt, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and one heaping tablespoonful of corn-starch. Beat this mixture up with the eggs, and stir it very slowly into the boiling water and vinegar, after having removed the latter from the stove—in order to prevent possibility of curdling. Return to the stove; stir constantly until quite thick. Remove from the stove, and add immediately half a pound of butter; stir until the butter is thoroughly melted. Now put the yolks of two[32] eggs on a plate, and, using a fork, mix gradually with them half a pint of olive-oil, stirring it in vigorously. When the first mixture is cold, beat the second into it. If more oil is desired, the yolk of another egg must be mixed with it. This recipe...

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