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The Magic World
written by "Nesbit, E. (Edith), 1858-1924"
... at all, really I’m not. I’m a boy, but I don’t suppose you’ll believe me.’ ‘Why shouldn’t I believe you?’ asked the Carp wagging a slow fin. ‘Nobody tells untruths under water.’ And if you come to think of it, no one ever does. ‘Tell me your true story,’ said the Carp very lazily. And Kenneth told it. ‘Ah! these humans!’ said the Carp when he had done. ‘Always in such a hurry to think the worst of everybody!’ He opened his mouth squarely and shut it contemptuously. ‘You’re jolly lucky, you are. Not one boy in a million turns into a fish, let me tell you.’ ‘Do you mean that I’ve got to go on being a fish?’ Kenneth asked. ‘Of course you’ll go on being a fish as long as you stop in the water. You couldn’t live here, you know, if you weren’t.’ ‘I might if I was an eel,’ said Kenneth, and thought himself very clever. ‘Well, be an eel then,’ said the Carp, and swam away sneering and stately. Kenneth had to swim his hardest to catch up. ‘Then if I get out of the water, shall I be a boy again?’ he asked panting. ‘Of course, silly,’ said the Carp, ‘only you can’t get out.’ [p252]‘Oh! can’t I?’ said Kenneth the fish, whisked his tail and swam off. He went straight back to the amethyst ring, picked it up in his mouth, and swam into the shallows at the edge of the moat. Then he tried to climb up the slanting mud and on to the grassy bank, but the grass hurt his fins horribly, and when he put his nose out of the water, the air stifled him, and he was glad to slip back again. Then he tried to jump out of the water, but he could only jump straight up into the air, so of course he fell straight down again into the water. He began to be afraid, and the thought that perhaps he w...

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