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An Orkney Maid
written by "Barr, Amelia Edith Huddleston, 1831-1919"
...ith her grandfather. The old gentleman was reading, but she did not ask him to read aloud, she knew by the look and size of the book that it would not be interesting; and she was well 73 pleased when one of her maids desired to speak with her. “Well then, Vera, what is thy wish?” “My sister was here and she was bringing me some strange news. About Mistress Brodie she was talking.” “Yes, I heard she had come home. Did she bring Thora Ragnor a new Easter gown?” “Of a gown I heard nothing. It was a young man she brought! O so beautiful is he! And like an angel he sings! The Bishop was very friendly with him, and the Ragnors, also; but they, indeed! they are friendly with all kinds of people.” “This beautiful young man, is he staying with the Ragnors?” “With Mistress Brodie he is staying, and with her he went to dinner at the Ragnors’. And the Bishop was there and the young man was singing, and a great deal was made of his singing, also they were speaking of his father who is a famous preacher in some Edinburgh kirk, and–––” “These things may be so, but how came thy sister to know them?” “This morning my sister took work with Mistress Ragnor and she was waiting on them as they eat; and in and out of the room until nine o’clock. 74 Then, as she went to her own home, she called on me and we talked of the matter, and it seemed to my thought that more might come of it.” “Yes, no doubt. I shall see that more does come of it. I am well pleased with thee for telling me.” Then she went back to her grandfather and resumed her knitting. Anon, she began to sing. Her face was flushed and her nixie eyes were dancing to the mischief she contemplated. In a few minutes the old gentleman lifted his head, and looked at her. “Sunna,” he said, “thy song and thy singing are charming, but they f...

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