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Favorite Fairy Tales
The Childhood Choice of Representative Men and Women

written by "Newell, Peter, 1862-1924"
... an evil conscience and bad dreams, he fell in his sleep from the corner of the rock where Hop-o’-my-Thumb and his brothers had left him, and bruised himself so much from head to foot that he could not stir; so he was forced to stretch himself out at full length, and wait for some one to come and help him. Now a good many fagot-makers passed near the place where the Ogre lay, and when they heard him groan they went up to ask him what was the matter. But the Ogre had eaten such a great number of children in his lifetime that he had grown so very big and fat that these men could not even [Pg 138] have carried one of his legs, so they were forced to leave him there. At last night came on, and then a large serpent came out of a wood just by and stung him, so that he died in great pain. By and by, Hop-o’-my-Thumb, who had become the King’s first favorite, heard of the Ogre’s death; and the first thing he did was to tell his Majesty all that the good-natured Ogress had done to save the lives of himself and brothers. The King was so much pleased at what he heard that he asked Hop-o’-my-Thumb if there was any favor he could bestow upon her. Hop-o’-my-Thumb thanked the King, and desired that the Ogress might have the noble title of Duchess of Draggletail given to her, which was no sooner asked than granted. The Ogress then came to court, and lived very happily for many years, enjoying the vast fortune she had found in the Ogre’s chests. As for [Pg 139] Hop-o’-my-Thumb, he every day grew more witty and brave; till at last the King made him the greatest lord in the kingdom, and set him over all his affairs. [Pg 140] BEAUTY AND THE BEAST THERE was once a very rich merchant who had six children—three boys and three girls. As he was himself a man of great sense, he spared no expense for their education. The three daughters were all ...

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