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The Gourmet's Guide to Europe
written by "Newnham-Davis, Lieut.-Col. (Nathaniel), 1854-1917"
...uprema. Perdices al jugo. Ensalada Rusa. Espárragos de Aranjuez, salsa blanca. Mantecados de Vainilla y Fresa. Postres variados. Algeciras The town on the Spanish side of the bay has redeemed Gibraltar from its ill fame as a place of entertainment. The late Ignacio Lersundi, under whose rule the Bristol in London—now converted into a ladies' club—gave one of the best, if not the best, table-d'hôte dinners obtainable in the English capital, supervised the arrangements of the Hôtel Reina Christina, and the table-d'hôte dinner there still is an excellent one. Lisbon There are good hotels to stay at in Lisbon and there are restaurants in plenty, but to try the cookery of some of the town eating-houses a gourmet requires to have his taste educated up to, or down to, the Portuguese standard. At the Braganza, a little club of bachelor Britons have been in the habit of dining together and ordering their dinner in advance, and this is a fair sample of what the steady-going but very comfortable hostelry can do when it chooses:[Pg 193]— Potages. Madeira Riche. Queues de Bœuf. Crème Clamart. Petits Soufflés Desir. Johannisberger (Claus). Saumon Sauce Genèvoise. Selle de Présalé à la Montpensier.Poularde à l'Ambassadrice. Château Giscours. Pain de foies gras en Bellevue. Punch au Kirsch.Asperges Sauce Mousseuse. George Goulet, 1892 Vintage. Pintades Truffées.Salade Japonaise. Timbales à la Lyon d'Or. Porto 1815. Glaces à la Américaine.Petits fours.Dessert. Liqueurs. Café. A good table-d'hôte breakfast and dinner are served daily at 11 A.M. and...

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