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Report of the Chief Librarian for the Year 1924-25
written by "New Zealand. General Assembly Library"
...sonal gratitude to the Minister in Charge of the Legislative Department (the Hon. Mr. Nosworthy) and the then Prime Minister (the Right Hon. W. F. Massey), for the great consideration and kindness these gentlemen displayed in granting him the necessary leave of absence. Until the Chief Librarian's return, early in October, Mr. W. S. Wauchop, M.A., who in August assumed the duties of First Assistant in the Library, had charge of the institution, under the Joint Library Committee. Mr. Wauchop has proved himself a most obliging member of the staff. Recess Privileges. The number of persons to whom recess privileges were granted during the recess, 1924-25, was 670, as against 740 in the previous year; the latter number being exceptionally large owing to the greater length of the recess in the earlier period. The number of books lent to recess-privilege holders for the year 1924-25 was 6,135, as against 6,587 in the previous recess period. As a rule, the class of books taken out by recess-privilege holders (and here it may be noted that the New Zealand General Assembly Library is the only legislative library in the world from which volumes may be taken out during the recess) is of such a character as proves that the privilege is greatly valued by the best class of readers. No fiction, it should again be recorded, is lent out save to members of Parliament, and those on the full-privilege list—a relatively small number. A detailed list showing the professions, trades, occupations, &c., of those to whom the recess privileges are granted is at the disposal of members. During the recess, I regret to say, it has been found that a few plates were purloined from art and other magazines, and cuttings made in the newspaper files. Whenever a case of this kind is detected, an attempt—unfortunately up to now abortive—has been made to detect the offender, and the art magazines are now filed in the staff-room, and not issued t...

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