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Picturesque Germany
First Series

written by "Nitsche, Julius"
...e development of the Romanesque Portal, which produced so much of rare beauty (Dehio) / The style of this creation is of the most perfect delicacy and charm (Lübke) / Partial view from a photograph by the National Messbildanstalt, Berlin [11] [12]The Pillar of Justice with the Bronze Lion on the Burgplatz in Brunswick (Braunschweig) / Erected by Henry the Lion in 1166 / Photograph by the National Messbildanstalt, Berlin [13] [14]A jewel of German Gothic architecture in freestone / The Town-hall at Münster, Westphalia, built about 1350 / Photograph by Dr. Erwin Quedenfeldt, Düsseldorf [15] [16]The Cathedral at Spires (Speyer) / As the burial place of many monarchs, it represents a monument of German history / View of the magnificent crypt of the Cathedral. The edifice founded in 1030 by Conrad II, was destroyed several times but finally rebuilt by King Maximilian I of Bavaria, consecrated in 1822 and completed in 1858 / From a photograph by Professor Neeb, Mainz [17] [18]Hall in Benrath Castle near Düsseldorf / Built by Nikolaus de Pigage for Elector Karl Theodor of the Palatinate / The interior represents a graceful link between the Rococo and the Classic / From a photograph by the National Messbildanstalt, Berlin [19] [20]Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, born at Marbach on the Neckar, November 10, 1759, died at Weimar, May 9, 1805 / From the painting by Anton Graff in the Körner Museum, Dresden / Photograph by R. Tamme, Dresden, successor of F. and O. Brockmann [21] [22]Courtyard of the Old Castle in Stuttgart / The architectural climax of the Residence of the Württemberg Princes, re-constructed since 1553 by Alberlin Tretsch assisted by Blasius and Martin Berwart / Ludwig Hofer’s equestrian statue of Count Eberhard, the Bearded, is in the courtyard / From a photograph by the Techno-Photographischen Ar...

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