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Northern Nut Growers Association, Report of the Proceedings at the Fourth Annual Meeting
Washington D.C. November 18 and 19, 1913

written by "Northern Nut Growers Association"
...r, N. Y., and the other in Ontario, Canada, on the strip of land between. Lakes Erie and Ontario, known as the Niagara Peninsula. In both localities reporters speak of hundreds of trees. One grower near Rochester has 225 seedling trees about 27 years old from which he is marketing nuts. The original trees in these locations are often spoken of as grown from seed brought from Philadelphia at the time of the Centennial Exposition. Another center seems to be about Lancaster, Pa. There it appears that the original trees were brought in by the Germans. Perhaps the Philadelphia trees above referred to had the same origin. This would be a good subject for investigation by some of our Pennsylvania members. There is a tree, said to bear good crops of good nuts, at Newburyport in the[Pg 71] extreme northeastern corner of Massachusetts. (Specimens were shown at the meeting.) If not already undertaken by the Government agents, I would suggest the making of a map on which all known bearing trees of the Persian walnut in the East should be located. If not in the Government plan the secretary would under-take to make such a map. In any case he is very anxious to learn as much as possible about these trees and he urges the members to furnish him any knowledge about them that they may have. Circulars to be filled out will be sent on application. A member has offered to give $25 as a prize to be offered by the Association for the best shagbark hickory nut sent in. This offer came too late to make suitable announcement this year, but it is too valuable not to be accepted and encouraged, and I would suggest that either a special committee be appointed to devise means of offering prizes, with the above mentioned sum of $25 as a foundation, or that the matter be referred to the committee on promising seedlings. The Chairman: I think we should take some action on the secretary's report. It is before the association. What shall we do about it? P...

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