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The Deadly Daughters
written by "Novick, Irving"
...t be written off as a crackpot." "I regret," she intoned, "that I have but one life to give to my country!" Then her lip curled. "Very well, brainy, if that's the best you can think up. Let's make it better yet. How about this for a headline: Dr. Long and Lovely Model Murdered by Federal Hoods!" "Are you insane?" She shook her head. "I'm dead serious. I'm sticking right in the line of fire until you figure out a way to stay alive at a profit." He argued, pleaded and even lost his temper, pulling her to her feet and trying to force her out the door. He didn't make it. Somehow his arms slipped too far around her, and she clamped herself to him in a defiant embrace. The soft warmth of her body, her sweet breath in his nostrils, the faint essence of her perfume enveloped him in a befuddling weakness. Live at a profit? How could a man want to die with Julie Stone in his arms? He knew it was supremely idiotic, but the thought of her fabulous form crumpled and riddled with bullets slashed at the tendons of his resolve, and he clutched her lips to his with the hunger of the condemned man he was. "Julie, Julie! Why did you have to—" "One bullet, a single bullet will do it now." Her lips peeled back from her white teeth. "Let's stay this way, darling. That's the way you want it." Her low, black sedan nibbled at the 100-mile-per-hour limit on the Freeway as they crossed the state line. In the back seat, reclining out of sight, his head pillowed on his brief case full of his documented case against the Humanist Party, was a very thoughtful Dr. Hubert Long, recently of Mentioch University. He had driven until dawn while Julie Stone slept, and now, after a brief nap, he was waking to some of the realities of the morning. This flight was utterly absurd. When the federal people discovered he was not dead they would come after him again and again. All he had done was involve this lovely wom...

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