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The Best Short Stories of 1920
and the Yearbook of the American Short Story

written by "O'Brien, Edward Joseph Harrington, 1890-1941"
...ought you'd yelp on me, did you?" he snarled, licking his lips. "Thought you'd put me away, didn't you? Get me behind the bars, eh?" "Blood!" moaned the old woman in the corner. "Blood!" Mart strode to the table, pulling out from the bosom of his shirt a lumpy package wrapped in his handkerchief. He threw it down on the table. It fell heavily with a sharp ringing of coins. "But I fooled you this time! Mart wasn't so dull this time, eh?" He turned toward her again. Between them, disturbed in his resting-place on the table, the big bruised yellow butterfly raised himself on his sweeping wings. Mart drew back a little. The butterfly flew toward Olga and brushed her face with a velvety softness. Then Brenner lurched toward her, his face black with fury, his arm upraised. She stood still, looking at him with wide eyes in which a gleam of light showed. "You devil!" she said, in a little, whispering voice. "You killed that man! You gave Tobey the watch and the ax! You changed shoes with him! You devil! You devil!" He drew back for a blow. She did not move. Instead she mocked him, trying to smile. "You whelp!" she taunted him. "Go on and hit me! I ain't running! And if you don't break me to bits I'm going to the sheriff and I'll tell him what you said to me just now. And he'll wonder how you got all that money in your pockets. He knows we're as poor as church-mice. How you going to explain what you got?" "I ain't going to be such a fool as to keep it on me!" Mart crowed with venomous mirth. "You nor the sheriff nor any one won't find it where I'm going to put it!" The broken woman leaned forward, baiting him. The strange look of exaltation and sacrifice burned in her faded eyes. "I've got you, Mart!" she jeered. "You're going to swing yet! I'll even up with you for Tobey! You didn't think I could do it, did you? I'll show you! You're trapped, I tell you! And I done it!" She watched Mart swing around to search the roo...

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