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The Duke Of Chimney Butte
written by "Ogden, George W. (George Washington), 1871-1966"
...lf the trouble to watch money, when you didn't look as if you had any, as a man who had swindled people out of it and wanted to hide his face. The police joked Lambert about the size of his bag when they gave it back to him as he was starting with his prisoner for the train. "What have you got in that alligator, Sheriff, that you're so careful not to set it down and forget it?" the chief asked him. "Sixteen thousand dollars," said Lambert, modestly, opening it and flashing its contents before their eyes. [Pg 345] CHAPTER XXV "WHEN SHE WAKES UP" It was mid-afternoon of a bright autumn day when Lambert approached Glendora with Kerr chained to the seat beside him. As the train rapidly cut down the last few miles, Lambert noted a change in his prisoner's demeanor. Up to that time his carriage had been melancholy and morose, as that of a man who saw no gleam of hope ahead of him. He had spoken but seldom during the journey, asking no favors except that of being allowed to send a telegram to Grace from Omaha. Lambert had granted that request readily, seeing nothing amiss in Kerr's desire to have his daughter meet him and lighten as much as she could his load of disgrace. Kerr said he wanted her to go with him to the county seat and arrange bond. "I'll never look through the bars of a jail in my home county," he said. That was his one [Pg 346]burst of rebellion, his one boast, his one approach to a discussion of his serious situation, all the way. Now as they drew almost within sight of Glendora, Kerr became fidgety and nervous. His face was strained and anxious, as if he dreaded stepping off the train into sight of the people who had known him so long as a man of consequence in that community. Lambert began to have his own worries about this time. He regretted the kindness he had shown Kerr in permitting him to send that telegram to Grace. She might try to deliver him on bail of another kind. Kerr's nervous anx...

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