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Commodore Barney's Young Spies
A Boy's Story of the Burning of the City of Washington

written by "Otis, James, 1848-1912"
...w you've any right to go," he said with a laugh which had in it nothing of mirth. "What's the sense of stewin' over that part of it now?" Jerry asked. "Wait till you get aboard the pungy, an' I dare say Darius will have a plan all worked out." "He's a good one, is Darius, an' when he settles on a thing it comes mighty near bein' sound.[Pg 136] We'll wait, an' I'll spell one of you lads with a paddle, if you'll give me a show." "After swimming so far I reckon you'd better lay still," I replied, and from that time until we ran alongside the Avenger not a word was spoken between us. If I had expected to see anything affecting in the meeting between the two old shipmates, I was mistaken. Darius, who was on the lookout for us as may be supposed, said when he saw that the canoe had three occupants: "So you got him, eh? Well, Bill Jepson wasn't born to be drowned, that's certain." Then the old man passed us a line, and the deserter said as he went over the rail: "I knew I could depend on you, Darius." "You made a mistake this time, Bill, for if the boys hadn't hogged up agin it, I'd left you to do the best you could, seein's we're down here on a bit of work for Commodore Joshua Barney, whose fleet is in the Patuxent river, as perhaps you have heard." "Well there! I knew you wouldn't be foolin' round here oysterin' while able seamen are likely in good demand. I'd be well fixed if I could run across the commodore just now." "That's what I've been thinking'. Of course it don't stand to reason you can stay here a great many hours."[Pg 137] "I must be off before daylight, an' am countin' on your tellin' me where." "What do you know about the Britishers?" "Considerable which has been picked up from the marines who've been on duty aft. There won't be any move made for two or three days, an' then they're goin' to strike Washington an' Baltimore at the same time. Sir Peter Parker goes to our home, an' Captain...

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