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The Minute Boys of Boston
written by "Otis, James, 1848-1912"
... than we came upon two of the watch, and with them a squad of six lobster backs. Now, as of course you know, we had no lawful right to be abroad in the streets at that hour without a pass; but it would have been useless for us who called ourselves rebels to have applied for any such permission to wander about for, as a rule, none save Tories were so favored. Since General Gage had begun to hold us the same as prisoners, I and all my friends had taken the chances of venturing out even after nine of the clock, and because thus far we had not gotten ourselves into trouble, I was grown bolder than a prudent lad should have been. When we came upon the watch, reinforced by the lobster backs, however, I realized on the instant how dangerous was the situation. Without passes, and known to be sons of those who favored the Cause, there was no question but what we would be committed to prison, and at some time, meaning when Governor Gage or his understrappers saw fit, brought up for examination. "I LEAPED THE FENCE." [Pg 61] Therefore it was that my thoughts turned to flight, and stepping back a pace to check Hiram Griffin's advance, I whispered hurriedly: "Get over to the ship-yard and hide under the old wharf!" However dull and heavy Hiram may have appeared, he surely was quick-witted, needing not a kick to emphasize a hint, for the words were no sooner out of my mouth than he was off like a deer, taking the precaution to run in a zig-zag course lest the lobster backs should send a shower of bullets after him. I followed his example, so far as taking refuge in flight was concerned; but instead of continuing on by the street, I leaped the fence of Parson Reed's yard, making my way across his garden with but little heed to the damage that might be done the young plants. On the instant came shouts from the watch and from the soldiers for us to halt, and a few seconds later the crackle of musketry telling that they ha...

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