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The Search for the Silver City
A Tale of Adventure in Yucatan

written by "Otis, James, 1848-1912"
...That is something I reckon Cummings can take care of. If he has made such elaborate preparations for entering, when it is so near where he was living we can be pretty certain there will be no very grave mistake." "Even if we succeed in reaching the city I can't understand how it will be possible to carry away much gold." "Nor I; but yet you know a small package is valuable, and five persons could lug a great deal." "Do you fancy he brought us simply to carry the treasure for him?" "He said we would all share alike, so our services wouldn't be of much advantage to him, more particularly since he and the Indian could bring away a heavier load than all three of us." In this manner, speculating upon the benefits which might accrue to them rather than regarding the great danger to which the entire party was exposed, the boys passed the time until late in the afternoon, and then Poyor approached so softly that he stood in their midst before any one had heard even a rustling among the leaves. On seeing the man Cummings sprang up eagerly, asked a question in the Indian dialect, and the reply was given at great length, Poyor using more gestures than the boys had ever fancied were at his command. That his report was in the highest degree interesting to Cummings there could be no doubt, for the latter listened intently, interrupting him only to ask some question, and not until nearly half an hour had passed was any explanation made to the others. Then Cummings said with a slight show of triumph: "Poyor has just come from the city, and there is no suspicion that we have passed the line of sentinels." "If he did that what is to prevent us from doing the same?" Jake asked as the leader paused for an instant. "Nothing except our skins are white, and he can readily pass himself off for a Chan Santa Cruz. He speaks the language, resembles them in features, and could make his way around the town with but little trouble; but on tha...

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