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The Adventures of Jimmie Dale
written by "Packard, Frank L. (Frank Lucius), 1877-1942"
...lf that there was no near-by pedestrian—and stepped out into the street. He kept on along the block, turned into the Bowery, and, under the first lamp, consulted his watch. It was a quarter past ten. He could make it easily in a leisurely walk. He continued on up the Bowery, finally crossed to Broadway, and shortly afterward turned into Waverly Place. At the corner of Fifth Avenue he consulted his watch again—and now he lighted a cigarette. Sixth Avenue was only a block away. At precisely half-past ten, to the second, he halted on the designated corner, smoking nonchalantly. A taxicab, coincidentally coming from an uptown direction, swung in to the curb. "Taxi, sir? Yes, sir?" Then, with an admirable mingling of eagerness to secure the fare and a fear that his confession might cause him the loss of it: "I've another fare in half an hour, sir, but I can get you most anywhere in that time." Jimmie Dale's cigarette was tossed carelessly into the street. "St. James Club!" he said curtly, and stepped into the cab. The cab started forward, turned the corner, and headed along Waverly Place toward Broadway. The chauffeur twisted around in his seat in a matter-of-fact way, as though to ask further directions. "Have you anything for me?" he inquired casually. It lay where it always lay, that ring, between the folds of that little white glove in his pocketbook. Jimmie Dale took it out now, and handed it silently to the chauffeur. The other's face changed instantly—composure was gone, and a quick, strained look was in its place. "I'm afraid I've been watched," he said tersely. "Look behind you, will you, and tell me if you see anything?" Jimmie Dale glanced backward through the little window in the hood. "There's another taxi just turned in from Sixth Avenue," he reported the next instant. "Keep your eye on it!" instructed the chauffeur shortly. The speed of the cab increa...

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