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You Never Know Your Luck; being the story of a matrimonial deserter. Complete
written by "Parker, Gilbert, 1862-1932"
...uldn't it be?" asked Kitty, smothering an agitation rising in her breast. "Because I always knew he belonged to where we didn't, and because if he was going to be in love himself, it would be with some girl like you. He's young enough for that, and it's natural he should get as his profit the years of youth that a young woman has yet to live." "As though it was a choice between you and me, for instance!" Mrs. Tynan started, but recovered herself. "Yes. If there had been any choosing, he'd not have hesitated a minute. He'd have taken you, of course. But he never gave either of us a thought that way." "I thought that till—till after he'd told us his story," replied Kitty boldly. "What has happened since then?" asked her mother, with sudden apprehension. "Nothing has happened since. I don't understand it, but it's as though he'd been asleep for a long time and was awake again." Mrs. Tynan gravely regarded her daughter, and a look of fear came into her face. "I knew you kept thinking of him always," she said; "but you had such sense, and he never showed any feeling for you; and young girls get over things. Besides, you always showed you knew he wasn't a possibility. But since he told us that day about his being married and all, has—has he been different towards you?" "Not a thing, not a word," was the reply; "but—but there's a difference with him in a way. I feel it when I go in the room where he is." "You've got to stop thinking of him," insisted the elder woman querulously. "You've got to stop it at once. It's no good. It's bad for you. You've too much sense to go on caring for a man that—" "I'm going to get married," said Kitty firmly. "I've made up my mind. If you have to think about one person, you should stop thinking about another; anyhow, you've got to make yourself stop. So I'm going to marry—and stop." "Who are you going to marry, Kitty? You don't mean to s...

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