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The World's Best Books : A Key to the Treasures of Literature
written by "Parsons, Frank, 1854-1908"
... have been made in this edition, feels inclined to raise the cry of inconsistency, we ask him to remember the declaration of Wendell Phillips, that "Inconsistency is Progress." There is room for still further inconsistency, we do not doubt; and criticism or suggestion will be gladly received. FRANK PARSONS. Boston, January, 1891. [ix] CONTENTS. Introductory Remarks. PAGE Purposes of the book briefly stated 1 System in reading 2 Purposes of reading 2 Its influence on health and mind 2 on character 3 on beauty and accomplishments 4 Its pleasures 5 Quantity and quality of reading 5 Selection of books 6 Order of reading 7 Method of reading 8 Importance of owning the books you read 9 Effect of bad books 10 useless books 11 good books 12-15 Abbreviations used in this Work 16 Note of Explanation 17,20 The First Two Shelves of the World's Library (Table.) 18-19 Remarks on Table I. 21-80 Religion and Morals 21-24 Poetry and the Drama 25-41 [x] Science 41-46 Biography 46-48 History 49-52 Philosophy 53-56 Essays 56-57 Fiction 58-67 Oratory 67-68 Wit and Humor 68-71 Fables and Fairy Tales 71-73 Guides 75-76 Miscellaneous 76-80 Glimpses of the Great Fields of Thought, Arranged for the purpose of securing breadth of mind (Table II.) 82-83 A Series of Brief but very Choice Selections from general literature, constituting a year's course for the formation of a true literary taste (Table III.) 84-93 Groups I. and II., Poetry 85-91 Group III., Prose 91-92 Group IV., Wit and Humor 93 A Short Course Supplementary to the Last (Table IV.) 94-95 What To Give the Children 97-127 Special Studies 123-127 The Distribution of the World's Great Authors in time and space,...

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