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Advice to Young Musicians. Musikalische Haus- und Lebens-Regeln
written by "Pierson, Henry Hugo, 1815-1873"
...ry. If you begin to compose, work it out in your head. Do not try a piece on your instrument, except when you have fully conceived it. If your music came from your heart and soul, and did you feel it yourself,—it will operate on others in the same manner. If Heaven has bestowed on you a fine imagination, you will often be seated at your 30piano in solitary hours, as if attached to it; you will desire to express the feelings of your heart in harmony, and the more clouded the sphere of harmony may perhaps be to you, the more mysteriously you will feel as if drawn into magic circles. In youth these may be your happiest hours. Beware, however, of abandoning yourself too often to the influence of a talent that induces you to lavish powers and time, as it were, upon phantoms. Mastery over the forms of composition and a clear expression of your ideas can only be attained by constant writing. Write, therefore, more than you improvise. Acquire an early knowledge of the art of conducting music. Observe often the best conductors, and conduct along with them in your mind. This will give you clearness of perception and make you accurate. Look deeply into life, and study it as diligently as the other arts and sciences. 32 The laws of morals are those of art. By means of industry and perseverance you will rise higher and higher. From a pound of iron, that costs little, a thousand watch-springs can be made, whose value becomes prodigious. The pound you have received from the Lord,—use it faithfully. Without enthusiasm nothing great can be effected in art. The object of art is not to produce riches. Become a great artist, and all other desirable accessories will fall to your lot. The Spirit will not become clear to you, before you understand the Forms of composition. Perhaps genius alone understands genius fully. 34 It has been thought that a perfect mu...

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