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The Three Hills
And other Poems

written by "Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867"
...his feet And his heart apart) Fading away. IN AN ORCHARD Airy and quick and wise In the shed light of the sun, You clasp with friendly eyes The thoughts from mine that run. But something breaks the link; I solitary stand By a giant gully's brink In some vast gloomy land. Sole central watcher, I With steadfast sadness now In that waste place descry 'Neath the awful heavens how Your life doth dizzy drop A little foam of flame From a peak without a top To a pit without a name. IN A CHAIR He room is full of the peace of night, The small flames murmur and flicker and sway, Within me is neither shadow, nor light, Nor night, nor twilight, nor dawn, nor day. For the brain strives not to the goal of thought, And the limbs lie wearied, and all desire Sleeps for a while, and I am naught But a pair of eyes that gaze at a fire. A DAY I. MORNING The village fades away Where I last night came Where they housed me and fed me And never asked my name. The sun shines bright, my step is light, I, who have no abode, Jeer at the stuck, monotonous Black posts along the road. II. MIDDAY The wood is still, As here I sit My heart drinks in The peace of it. A something stirs I know not where Some quiet spirit In the air. O tall straight stems! O cool deep green! O hand unfelt! O face unseen! III. EVENING The evening closes in, As down this last long lane I plod; there patter round First heavy drops of rain. Feet ache, legs ache, but now Step quickens as I think Of mounds of bread and cheese And something hot to drink. IV. NIGHT Ah! sleep is sweet, but yet I will not sleep awhile Nor for a space forget The toil of that last mile; But lie awake and feel The cool sheets' tremulous kisses O'er all my body steal ... Is sleep as sweet as this is? THE MIND OF MAN I Beneath my skull-bone and my hair, Covered like a poisonous well, There is a...

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