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Fifteenth Century Prose and Verse
written by "Pollard, Alfred W. (Alfred William), 1859-1944", I am sorry of your fall, And fain would I help you, and I were able. Everyman. Good Deeds, your counsel I pray you give me. Good Deeds. That shall I do, verily! Though that on my feet I may not go, I have a sister, that shall with you also, Called Knowledge, which shall with you abide, To help you to make that dreadful reckoning. Knowledge. Everyman, I will go with thee and be thy guide, In thy most need to go by thy side. Everyman. In good condition I am now in everything And am wholly content with this good thing: Thanked be God, my Creator! Good Deeds. And when he hath brought thee there Where thou shalt heal thee of thy smart, Then go thou with thy reckoning and thy good deeds together, For to make thee joyful at the heart, Before the Blessed Trinity. [Pg 293] Everyman. My good Deeds, I thank thee heartily; I am well content, certainly, With your wordes sweet. Knowledge. Now go we thither, lovingly, To confession, that cleansing river. Everyman. For joy I weep! I would we were there! But I pray you to instruct me by intellection, Where dwelleth that holy virtue, Confession? Knowledge. In the house of salvation; We shall find him, in that place, That shall us comfort, by God's grace. Lo! this is Confession; kneel down and ask mercy, For he is in good conceit with God Almighty. Everyman. Oh glorious fountain, that all uncleanness doth clarify, Wash from me the spots of vices unclean, That on me no sin may be seen! I come with Knowledge, for my redemption, Redeemed with heart, and full of contrition; For I am commanded a pilgrimage to take, And great accounts before God to make. Now I pray you, Shrift, mother of salvation, Help my Good Deeds, for my piteous exclamation! Confession. I know your sorrow well, Everyman; Because with Knowledge ye come to me I will you comfort, as well as I can, And a precious jewel I will give thee, Called penance, voider of adversity; Therewith shall your body chasti...

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