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History of The Reign of Philip The Second King of Spain
Volume The Third and Biographical & Critical Miscellanies

written by "Prescott, William Hickling, 1796-1859"
...ssendo preveduta e scritta da me, fu giudicata piuttosto impossibile che creduta."—Relazione di Marcantino Barbaro 1573, Alberi, Relazioni Venete, tom. iii, p. 306. [356] For the preceding pages see Torres y Aguilera, Chronica, fol. 87-89; Cabrera, Filipe Segundo, lib. x. cap. 5; Vanderhammen, Don Juan de Austria, fol. 159 et seq.; Paruta, Guerra di Cipro, p. 206 et seq.; Sagredo, Monarcas Othomanos, pp. 301, 302. [357] It is Voltaire's reflection: "Il semblait que les Turques eussent gagn la bataille de Lpante."—Essais sur les Mœurs, chap. 160. [358] The treaty is to be found in Dumont, Corps Diplomatique, tom. v. par. 1 pp. 218, 219. [359] Rosell, Historia del Combate Naval, p. 149.—Cabrera, Filipe Segundo, p. 747.—Torres y Aguilera, Chronica, fol. 95. [360] Vanderhammen, Don Juan de Austria, fol. 172. [361] Cabrera, Filipe Segundo, p. 765.—Vanderhammen, Don Juan de Austria, fol. 174, 175—Torres y Aguilera, Chronica, fol. 103 et seq.—The author last cited who was present at the capture of Tunis, gives a fearful picture of the rapacity of the soldiers. [362] The Castilian writers generally speak of it as the peremptory command of Philip. Cabrera, one of the best authorities, tells us: "Mandi el Rey Catolico a Don Juan de Austria enplear su armada en la conquista de Tunez, i que le desmantelase, i la Goleta." But soon after he remarks: "Olvidando el buen acuerdo del Rey, por consejo de lisongeros determin de conservar la ciudad." (Filipe Segundo, pp. 763, 764.) From this qualified language we may infer that the king meant to give his brother his decided opinion, not amounting, however, to such an absolute command as would leave him no power to exercise his discretion in the matter. This last view is made the more probable by the fact that in the following spring a correspondence took place between the king and his brother, in which the former, after stating the arguments...

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