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The Green Forest Fairy Book
written by "Preston, Alice Bolam"
..." asked the old woman scornfully, "and drink water and eat bread without butter all the rest of your life, I suppose? Let me tell you, Your Royal Highness, that your servants are lazy and good-for-nothing! I saw dust on the tops of all the doors and windows, and the silver flagon was not polished as brightly as my old pewter pots. Your royal cooks make griddlecakes heavy as lead; you had best behead them instead of my good Bossy-Cow." Then she added, "Did you feed my bird and give him water?" "I could hardly feed myself in that awkward cottage of yours!" retorted Queen Grumpy. "Oh, my poor bird!" exclaimed the old[Pg 229] woman. "Here, hurry and give me back my own dress that I may loop it above my red flannel petticoat and be comfortable once more. I suppose you took the bread out of the oven in time—did you?" "I forgot it, and it burned," sulkily replied Queen Grumpy, buttoning herself into her trailing velvet robes. "Oh, what stupid folk are kings and queens!" cried the old woman in a passion. "Come along, husband," she called, and down the hill they went. "And what stupid folk are cottagers!" called King Crosspatch after them. "Come along, wife," said he, and up the hill they went. And so these four old folk again went on their separate ways. All four were sure that they were walking on the road to happiness at last, and so all were very jolly and smiling in consequence. "Oh, there's no place like home! Oh, there's no place like home!" sang the old man and his old wife, as they went trudging down to the little cottage so snug.[Pg 230] "Oh, there's no place like home! Oh, there's no place like home!" sang Queen Grumpy and King Crosspatch, as they went climbing to their splendid palace on the top of a high hill; and there we will bid them all adieu! [Pg 231] CHAPTER IX THE GOOSE GIRL AND THE BLUE GANDER Once upon a time there was a goose girl who tended her flock in a ...

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