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Aladdin & Co.
A Romance of Yankee Magic

written by "Quick, Herbert, 1861-1925"
... board-of-trade gamblers, with whom he was getting an education in the great strides we are making in the matter of mixed drinks? This thought occurred to all of us at once.190 “Well,” said Cornish, stating the point of agreement after the Captain’s trouble had been fully discussed, “unfortunately ‘the right to be a cussed fool is safe from all devices human,’ and there doesn’t seem to be any remedy.” It all came, thought I, as Jim and I sat silent after Cornish and the Captain went out, from the fact that Bill’s present condition in life gave those tendencies to which he had always been prone to yield, a chance for unrestricted growth. He ought to have staid with his steers. Cattle and corn were the only things in which he could take an interest sufficiently keen to keep him from drink. These habits of his were enacting the old story of the lop-eared rabbits in Australia—overrunning the country. Bill had been as sober a citizen as one could desire, as long as his house-building occupied his time; and he and Josie had worked together as companionably as they used to do in the hay and wheat. But now he was drifting away from her. Her father should have staid on the farm. “Do you know,” said I, “that Giddings is making about as great a fool of himself as Bill?” “Yes,” said Jim, “but that’s because he’s in a terrible state of mind about his marriage. If we can keep him from delirium tremens until after the wedding, he’ll be all right. Some Italian brain-sharp has written up cases like his, and he’ll be all right. But with Bill it’s different.... Do you remember our old Shep?” “No,” I returned wonderingly, almost impatiently. “What about him?”191 “Well,” he mused, “I’ve been picking up knowledge of men for a while along back; and I’ve come to...

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