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Air Service Boys Over The Enemy's Lines
The German Spy's Secret

written by "Beach, Charles Amory"
... chance at last, Jack!" "Do you mean to fly with the fighting escadrille, and meet German pilots in a life and death battle up among the clouds?" asked Jack, in a voice that had a tinge of awe about it; for he had often dreamed of such honors coming to 52 him; but the realization still seemed afar off. "That is what we are promised," his chum assured him. "Of course our education is not yet complete; but we have shown such progress that, as there is need of additional pilots able to meet the Fokker planes while a raid is in progress, we are to be given a showing." "I'll not sleep much to-night for thinking of it," declared Jack. 53CHAPTER VIITHE GREAT DAY ARRIVES By the time the pilots of the American escadrille began to assemble on the field where the airplane hangars were clustered, (these being more or less camouflaged by means of paint cleverly applied to represent the earth), the news concerning the air service boys' narrow escape had become generally known. Great was the indignation expressed by all. Up to this time there had appeared to be considerable honor exhibited among-the flying men on both sides. In fact many curious little courtesies had been exchanged that seemed to put the aviation service on a plane of its own. One thing was certain. After that there would be no taking things for granted. Each pilot meant to satisfy himself as best he could that his plane was in perfect order before risking his life in the upper currents. Jack was besieged for a full account of the matter. He, being an obliging person, gladly told everything he knew. Naturally the mystery attached to the discovery of the message of warning tied to the poor little partly collapsed 54 child's balloon aroused considerable curiosity and speculation among the aviators. The way some of them pumped Jack made him laugh; but he assured them he was just about as "deep in the mud as they were in the mire." "I've told you al...

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