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Boy Scouts in the Northwest
Fighting Forest Fires

written by "Ralphson, G. Harvey (George Harvey), 1879-1940"
...d the old man. “You murderer!” Enraged by the exclamation, Emory made a rush for the old man, but was stopped by a voice from the doorway opening into the rear room. “That’ll be all for you!” the voice said. It was Jimmie who stood in the doorway, smiling, and making about the worst bow a Boy Scout ever made. “Don’t wiggle about so, gentlemen,” he added, “for the men behind this partition have you all covered with repeating rifles, and some of them are nervous. Stand still while a friend of mine presents you with wristlets.” Jap turned and faced the frightened group and then pointed to the wall, near the ceiling, 251 where a line of two-inch holes were seen, at each hole a shining eye. “You see,” he said, “I cut those holes there to-night, so the boys wouldn’t have to lie hidden under the furniture. There’s a gun behind every one of them. And now, with your permission—” Jimmie passed out a bunch of clattering, ringing handcuffs, and Jap slipped them on the wrists of the prisoners. As he did so Frank came dashing into the room, swinging his cap aloft. Ernest, Jack, Pat and Liu were there, too, overjoyed at the great victory. “Wow!” he cried. “Here’s a wire saying that the bunch was captured at Portland to-night, and another from Missoula says the men left in the caverns were caught yesterday. I have the honor to report, Mr. Sherlock Holmes Nestor,” he added, with a low bow, “that the round-up is complete.” “Our day will come directly,” Emory shouted. “You haven’t a word of proof against any of us. Your story sounds all right here, but wait until you get into court. Our lawyers will pick your yarn apart like a rag doll. And you, Jap,” he went on, turning to the servant, “when did you turn against me?” 252 “There have been two instances of false personation in this case,” Ned said. “You, Emory, personated Albert Lemo...

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