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The Mechanical Properties of Wood
Including a Discussion of the Factors Affecting the Mechanical
Properties, and Methods of Timber Testing

written by "Record, Samuel J."
...ent, but that increase in strength of other sizes is much more erratic. Some specimens, in fact, show an apparent loss in strength due to seasoning. If structural timbers are seasoned slowly, in order to avoid excessive checking, there should be an increase in their strength. In the light of these facts it is not safe to base working stresses on results secured from any but green material. For a discussion of factors of safety and safe working stresses for structural timbers see the Manual of the American Railway Engineering Association, Chicago, 1911. A table from that publication, giving working unit stresses for structural timber, is reproduced in this book, see Table XXII. TABLE XVIII BENDING TESTS ON GREEN MATERIAL Species Sizes Number of tests Per cent of moisture Rings per inch F.S. at E.L. M. of R. M. of E. ...

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