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Amy in Acadia
A Story for Girls

written by "Reed, Helen Leah, 1860-1926"
...teen," with its earnestness, impetuosity, merry pranks, and unconscious love for her hero, has the same spring-like charm.—Kate Sanborn. PHEBE: HER PROFESSION. A Sequel to "Teddy: Her Book" Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill. 12mo. $1.50. This is one of the few books written for young people in which there is to be found the same vigor and grace that one demands in a good story for older people.—Worcester Spy. TEDDY: HER DAUGHTER A Sequel to "Teddy: Her Book," and "Phebe: Her Profession" Illustrated by J. B. Graff. 12mo. $1.50. It is a human story, all the characters breathing life and activity.—Buffalo Times. NATHALIE'S CHUM Illustrated by Ellen Bernard Thompson. 12mo. $1.50. Nathalie is the sort of a young girl whom other girls like to read about.—Hartford Courant. URSULA'S FRESHMAN. A Sequel to "Nathalie's Chum" Illustrated by Harriet Roosevelt Richards. 12mo. $1.50. The best of a series already the best of its kind.—Boston Herald. NATHALIE'S SISTER. A Sequel to "Ursula's Freshman" Illustrated by Alice Barber Stephens. 12mo. $1.50. Peggy, the heroine, is a most original little lady who says and does all sorts of interesting things. She has pluck and spirit, and a temper, but she is very lovable, and girls will find her delightful to read about.—Louisville Evening Post. New Illustrated Editions of Miss Alcott's Famous Stories THE LITTLE WOMEN SERIES By Louisa M. Alcott. Illustrated Edition. With eighty-four full-page plates from drawings especially made for this edition by Reginald B. Birch, Alice Barber Stephens, Jessie Willcox Smith, and Harriet Roosevelt Richards. 8 vols. Crown 8vo. Decorated cloth, gilt, in box, $16.00. Separately as follows: 1. LITTLE MEN: Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys With 15 full-page illustrations by Reginald B. Birch. $2.00. 2. LITTLE WOMEN: or Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy With 15 full-page illustrations by Alice Barber Stephens. $2.00. 3....

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