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Roger Ingleton, Minor
written by "Reed, Talbot Baines, 1852-1893"
...h you in charge down there,” retorted the young lady, “I wouldn’t have been safe in that awful place a minute longer. I wonder you haven’t packed up Jill in one of the trunks.” “Oh, Cousin Roger took care of me,” said Miss Jill demurely. “I hope Armstrong did the same to you, Rosalind,” said Roger. “Here, Tom; this is my tutor, Frank Armstrong—a brick. Here, Jill; say how do you do to Mr Armstrong.” Jill horrified Mr Armstrong by putting up her face to be kissed. Indeed the poor gentleman as he shook the glass out of his eye and gazed down at this forward young person in consternation, presented so pitiable a spectacle, that Rosalind, Roger, and Tom all began to laugh. “She won’t bite,” said Tom reassuringly. Mr Armstrong, thus encouraged, took off his hat, and stooping down, kissed the child on the brow, much to that little lady’s satisfaction. This important operation performed, Captain Oliphant expressed concern for Roger’s cough, and proposed that his ward should take the girls and himself to the hotel, while no doubt Mr Armstrong would not mind remaining to help Tom with the luggage. By which excellent arrangement the party succeeded at last in getting clear of the “Oriana.” The tutor had his hands full most of that morning Tom Oliphant’s idea of looking after the luggage was to put his hands in his pockets and whistle pleasantly up and down the upper deck; nor was it till Mr Armstrong took him bodily below, and made him point out one by one the family properties (among which, by the way, he included several articles belonging to other owners), that he could be reduced to business at all. Then for half an hour he worked hard; at the end of which time he turned to his companion with a friendly grin. “Thanks awfully, Mr Armstrong. I say, I wonder if you’ll be my tutor as well as Frank’s? I heard father say something abo...

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