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Bransford of Rainbow Range
Originally Published under the title of Bransford in Arcadia, or, The Little Eohippus

written by "Rhodes, Eugene Manlove, 1869-1934"
...little gold locket in his palm. It was warm, that little locket. “I have never seen this locket before in my life!” gasped Jeff. “Open it!” He opened it. The little eohippus glared up at him. “Ellinor!—Charley Gibson!” “Tobe! Jeff!—Jamie!” The little eohippus stared unwinking from the grass. THE BEGINNING “The Books You Like to Read at the Price You Like to Pay” There Are Two Sides to Everything— —including the wrapper which covers every Grosset & Dunlap book. When you feel in the mood for a good romance, refer to the carefully selected list of modern fiction comprising most of the successes by prominent writers of the day which is printed on the back of every Grosset & Dunlap book wrapper. You will find more than five hundred titles to choose from—books for every mood and every taste and every pocketbook. Don’t forget the other side, but in case the wrapper is lost, write to the publishers for a complete catalog. There is a Grosset & Dunlap Book for every mood and for every taste EMERSON HOUGH’S NOVELS May be had wherever books are sold. Ask for Grosset & Dunlap’s list. THE COVERED WAGON An epic story of the Great West from which the famous picture was made. THE WAY OF A MAN A colorful romance of the pioneer West before the Civil War. THE SAGEBRUSHER An Eastern girl answers a matrimonial ad. and goes out West in the hills of Montana to find her mate. THE WAY OUT A romance of the feud district of the Cumberland country. THE BROKEN GATE A story of broken social conventions and of a woman’s determination to put the past behind her. THE WAY TO THE WEST Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett and Kit Carson figure in this story of the opening of the West. HEART’S DESIRE The story of what happens when the railroad came to a l...

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