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Principles of Orchestration
With musical examples drawn from his own works

written by "Agate, Edward"
...d sixths55 -IV- Melody in different groups of instruments combined together56 A. Combination of wind and brass in unison56 B. Combination of wind and brass in octaves57 C. Combination of strings and wind58 D. Combination of strings and brass61 E. Combination of the three groups61   Chapter III.—Harmony  General observations63 Number of harmonic parts—Duplication64 Distribution of notes in chords67 String harmony69 Wood-wind harmony71 Four-part and three-part harmony72 Harmony in several parts76 Duplication of timbres77 Remarks78 Harmony in the brass82 Four-part writing82 Three-part writing84 Writing in several parts84 Duplication in the brass85 Harmony in combined groups88 A. Combination of wind and brass88 1. In unison88 2. Overlaying, crossing, enclosure of parts90 B. Combination of strings and wind94 C. Combination of the three groups95   Chapter IV.—Composition of the orchestra  Different ways of orchestrating the same music97 Full Tutti101 Tutti in the wind103 Tutti pizzicato103 Tutti in one, two and three parts104 Soli in the strings104 Limits of orchestral range106 Transference of passages and phrases107 Chords of different tone quality used alternately108 Amplification and elimination of tone qualities109 Repetition of phrases, imitation, echo110 Sforzando-piano and piano-sforzando chords111 Method of emphasising certain notes and chords111 Crescendo and diminuendo112 Diverging and converging progressions113 Tone quality as a harmonic force. Harmonic basis114 Artificial effects116 Use of percussion instruments for rhythm and colour117 Economy in orchestral colour118 -V-   Chapter V.—Combination of the human voice with orchestra. The Stage band  Orchestral accompaniment of solo voices119 General remarks119 Transparence of accompaniment. Harmony120 Doubling voices in the orchestra122 Recitative and declamation125 Orchestral accompaniment of the chor...

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