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Charles Di Tocca
A Tragedy

written by "Rice, Cale Young, 1872-1943"! Helena: See, see! 'tis Agabus! Enter Agabus unkempt and distracted. Agabus: O—lovers! lovers! Lord have none of them! Antonio: Good monk—— Agabus: O—yes, yes, yes. You'd give me gold To pray for your two souls. (Crossing himself.) Not I! Not I! Know you not love is brewed of lust and fire? It gnaws and burns, until the Shadow—Sir, (Searching about the air.) Have you not seen a Shadow pass? Antonio: A Shadow? Agabus: Silent and cold. A-times they call him Death: [ 13 ]I'd have him for my brain—it shakes with fever. (Goes searching anxiously. Helena: Antonio—— Antonio: You're calm? Helena: Yes, very calm— Of impotence—as one who in a tomb Awakes and waits? Antonio: He is but mad. Helena: But mad. Antonio: Yet fear you? still? (A shout is heard.) Helena: Who is it? soldiers come From Arta? Antonio: Yes. Helena: And by this road!—They must Not see us! Antonio: No. But quick, within this breach! (They conceal themselves in the breach. [ 14 ] The soldiers pass across the stage. The last, as all shout "di Tocca!" strikes a column near him. It falls, and Helena starts forward shuddering.) Helena: Fallen! Ah, fallen! See, Antonio! Antonio: What now! Helena (swaying): It is as if the earth were wind Under my feet! Antonio: Are all things thus become Omen and dread to you? Helena: O, but it is The pillar grieving Venus leant upon Ere to forget she leapt, and wrote, When falls this pillar tall and proud Let surest lovers weave their shroud. Antonio: Mere myth! Helena: The shroud! It coldly winds about us—coldly! [ 15 ] Antonio: Should a vain hap so desperately move you? Helena: The breath and secret soul of all t...

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