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Julia Ward Howe

written by "Richards, Laura Elizabeth Howe, 1850-1943"
... "He is said to be habitually disputatious, and I[7] thought that this must certainly be the case; for he surely knew better than most people how largely and familiarly we incorporate the words of Plato, Aristotle, and Xenophon in our everyday talk."[78] Mr. Gladstone was still playing the first rle on the stage of London life. Our mother notes hearing him open the discussion that followed Mrs. Schliemann's address before the Royal Geographical Society. Lord Rosebery, who was at that time Mr. Gladstone's private secretary, talked much of his chief, for whom he expressed impassioned devotion. Rosebery, though he must have been a man past thirty at the time, looked a mere boy. His affection for "Uncle Sam" Ward was as loyal as that for his chief, and it was on his account that he paid our mother some attention when she was in London. She always remembered this visit as one of the most interesting of the many she made to the "province in brick." She was driving three horses abreast,—her own life, Maud's life, the life of London. She often spoke of the great interest of seeing so many different circles of London society; likening it to a layer cake, which a fortunate stranger is able to cut through, enjoying a little of each. Her modest Bloomsbury lodgings were often crowded by the leaders of the world of letters, philanthropy, and art, and some even of the world of fashion. The little lodging-house "slavey" was often awed by the titles on the cards she invariably presented between a work-worn thumb and[8] finger. It is curious to contrast the brief record of these days with that of the Peace Crusade. "June 10. To morning service at the Foundling Hospital—very touching. To luncheon with M. G. D. where met the George Howards." "June 15.... 'Robert' [opera] with Richard Mansfield." "June 18. Synagogue." "June 19. Lord Mayor's Mansion House. I am to speak there concerning Laura Bridgman. Henry James ma...

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