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"Chinkie's Flat"

written by "Becke, Louis, 1855-1913"
... had been christened Julia, and called "Judy" for thirty-two years of her life) set her thin lips and then replied acidly— "It's all very well for you to talk, but whenever I did have a chance—which was not often—you spoilt it by your interference. And if you allow Jimmy to sit at the same table with us to-night he'll simply disgust these new people. When you call him 'Mordaunt' the hideous little wretch grins; and he grins too when you call me 'Juliette' and Lizzie 'Lilla.'" Mrs. Trappme's fat face scowled at her daughter, and she was about to make an angry retort when the frontdoor bell rang. "A lady wants to see yez, ma'am," said the "new chum" Irish housemaid, who had answered the door. "Did you show her into the reception room, Mary?" "Sure, an' is it the wee room wid the sthuffed burd in the fireplace, or is it the wan beyant wid the grane carpet on de flore; becos' I'm after puttin' her in the wan wid the sthuffed burd? Anny way it's a lady she is, sure enough; an' it's little she'll moind where she do be waitin' on yez." "Did she send in her card, Mary?" "Did she sind in her what?" "Her card, you stupid girl." "Don't you be after miscallin' me, ma'am. Sure I can get forty shillings a wake annywhere an' not be insulted by anny wan, instead av thirty here, which I do be thinkin' is not the place to shuit me"—and the indignant daughter of the Emerald Isle, a fresh-complexioned, handsome young woman, tossed her pretty head and marched out. So Mrs. Trappme went into the room "wid the sthuffed burd in it," and there rose to meet her a fair-haired girl of about eighteen, with long-lashed, dark-grey eyes, and a somewhat worn and drawn expression about her small mouth, as if she were both mentally and physically tired. Her dress was of the simplest—a neatly fitting, dark-blue, tailor-made gown. "I saw your advertisement in the Champion this morning," she said,...

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